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It has a variety of settings in which you can meet new characters, go on a treasure hunt, and travel through lush green forests. No doubt, when playing an RPG, the best characters are often required to win every match. In my perspective, the least typical tank of the high-tier trio. Nozzle has the highest chance of surviving of any bot in the game. His arsenal is exclusively ranged, which is both advantageous and unfortunate. Gust or someone similar can assist him in directing opponents towards him. In the lower stages of the game, Bigshot deservingly earns S+ tier.

These bots are the worst of the worst, so you should avoid them if possible. These bots are not as powerful as the other tiers and should only be used if you have no other choice. The B tier is the third tier on the Botworld Adventure tier list. These bots are still strong, but they have more weaknesses than both S and A tiers. If you want to take on a bigger challenge, choose the bot from this list. The S tier is the highest tier on the Botworld Adventure tier list. If you want to succeed in every battle, choose the bot from this list and use it in each fight. The Botworld Adventure bot tier list provides an excellent starting point for those new to Botworld Adventure gaming. The Botworld Adventure tier list is a great way to group similar bots.

Thought On new World Weapon Tier List

Slicer, unlike Brute, does not require any setup for his burst and has a solid 15 Movement Speed to go along with his gap-closing abilities. He’s not exactly squishy, and he’s a frightening, high-risk, high-reward option for any squad. Fork fills a specific role in Botworld, where he will be simply the leading poison-based attacker. His poison, like Barrie’s barrier, circumvents shields. Still, he has trouble finishing off bots before moving on to an unlucky heavier target, allowing his previous target to nuke Fork from behind. This also means that your team will suffer less damage. If you combine Virus and Hypercharge properly, you can completely negate an enemy team’s burst and use it against them. In the current meta, one of the best top-tier bots to have on your team.

10+ is really expensive, though it makes more sense to range 6-10 instead of 5-9. Botworld Adventure is a top-notch, entertaining, and open-world video game. This roleplaying game was developed and published by Featherweight for Android and iOS devices. Original list by Suchit Mohanty, updated by Pocket Gamer Staff. Many of the D tier I haven’t actually tried much or even at allbecause they just don’t click with me. I expect I’m wrong in a few case and will be happy to get corrected. I also expect some will even deserve a lower ranking down into F tier but I give them the benefit of the doubt for now. I didn’t order the abilities inside of a tier, it’ll surely be good to do at some point tho. Let me honestly tell you that Sheller is a lot of fun to play with due to its traps and high HP.

Botworld Adventure Beginners Guide And Tips

So Come and take a look at this Botworld Adventurer Tier List. Chainer is an aggressive tank that keeps enemies away from your bots. This also allows the teams to quickly sweep enemy teams with relative ease. Bullwark is a rare type and belongs to the Tank Class. Bullwark is the most traditional tank out of the three. His movement speed is alright and he has a front-facing shield that reduces damage. The final suggestion we have for New World best weapon combos is the Rapier and Spear build. The Rapier’s Blood specialization enjoys stacking bleeds enemies, while the Spear adds extra debuffs to enemies. You’ll find a build that does lots of damage the more your ramp your damage, and deals huge burst by expending those bleed stacks for pure burst. The A tier of this New World weapon tier list consists of the Bleed-focused dexterity builds.

The best part about Botworld Adventure is that it features a tier list that helps you to increase their performance based on the characters in the tier. Each character has its own performance, level-up capacity, and synergy, etc. Bots in this tier are also good enough to pick and can dominate the game if played properly. You can always choose them before heading to a battle, but remember to pick them carefully, as they can get countered by the top tier bots. As the name says, Botworld Adventure is all about exploring a beautiful, diverse world and discovering new bots. It features a bunch of varied environments where you will meet new characters, go on a treasure hunt and wander around the lush green forests. Especially now with the bot pack generation nerf, it’s harder to counter Frosty when he’s keeping an enemy melee bot permanently slowed.

Botworld Adventure: Best Bots List

Source of curated news, reviews, guides, mobile esports, and industry highlights. So, in order for each player to get a better understanding of who the best bot in Botworld Adventure is, we have created a detailed guide. Here is our complete Botworld Adventure Tier List where we have ranked all the bots from the game based on overall usability. In general, being on the highest tiers means that the character is the best in their job, is not too tough to create, and performs well regardless of teammates. Being in a lower tier indicates that there are better options, or botworld bot tier list that the character requires a highly particular build or squad to thrive. Botworld Adventure Global version is now officially available on Android & iOS platforms. Barrie has the same level of survival rate as Bullwark. Bullwark, on the other hand, has quicker mobility; more damage reflects damage, and an incredibly large area stun with great damage. The other tanks vastly outmatch Barrie, and he only serves as a slowly moving barrel. Slicer, unlike Brute, does not require any arrangement for his burst and has a decent 15 Mobility on top of that a gap closer ability.

  • This article will tell you the best characters you should watch out for.
  • This allows Flamer to continue kiting if previously slowed or rooted.
  • His win condition is killing himself to trade with another bot, which is pretty poor.
  • One of the best top-tier bots to have in your team in the current meta.

It is highly recommended that players ensure they can play for quite some time when going out exploring the wilderness. To leave Scavenger’s Landing and enter the wilds, players will be needed to provide 1 Repair Cannister to be allowed through the gate. Repair Cannisters are limited Build AI Chatbot With Python and require time to become full. Each player is sure that it is essential to be aware of who the best characters are while playing RPG. This way you will get increased chances of winning every match. Nevertheless, it may not be easy because all the characters have different stats.

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He’s not exactly squishy, and he’s a very scary, high-risk, high-reward pick for any team. You can count on Virus to perform admirably as a brawler, regardless of which team he is assigned to. He has a high HP and disrupts the enemy team by hacking into them and forcing them to fight each other. So far we have listed almost all of the characters in our Botworld Adventure Tier List. On the contrary, there are a lot of characters mentioned in the game.

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