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Apply the previous steps to every topic until you have everything covered. Learning to revise quickly is really just a simple process of writing, condensing, present continuous tense in hindi taking a break, reviewing and then moving on to the next topic. We’re not suggesting that you turn your notes into a full-blown musical to help you revise.

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You need to plan in some catch-up time so you know you can go back and review sections you found more challenging. Parts of this course will send you off to follow guides elsewhere on the site. The course for Module One covers all the syllabus areas.

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The UCAT requires a lot of preparation and a good understanding of the fundamentals of each of the 5 sections. It is important to not time yourself when you start practising UKCAT questions. Starting your preparation this way allows you to develop your UCAT techniques and tips, and challenge yourself with the harder questions once more confident. This way you will be able to learn the most effective strategies from the beginning of your practice. We then recommend practising as much as possible and building up the practice in the lead-up to your exam. We recommend completing at least 4 hours of work a day in the fortnight before your UCAT exam as the best preparation to pass the UKCAT exam.

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When I was doing further medical reading, such as reading medical articles, I noted down interesting examples that I could potentially use in an essay. I also thought about how these examples could link to medical ethics. I became familiar with these examples so that when faced with any essay question, I was able to draw upon relevant examples quickly and easily. A key strength of this UCAT book is the amount and range of questions included. However, some reviews of previous editions say that certain questions in the book are more difficult than they are in the actual test.

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